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Quality Stone

Faux Stone Panels that don’t look Faux

If you are looking to up your curb appeal, fancy up your living room, or just a feature wall, these Faux Stone Panels are up to the task.



  • Quick and easy to install

  • Built for interior and exterior applications

  • A durable all-climate, no-maintenance product

  • Made with energy-saving, high-density polyurethane

  • 100% inert, non-toxic, non-gaseous and odour free

  • BuiltGreen™

  • The only faux stone with Climate Shield

Stacked Stone

The deep clean lines of Stacked Stone provides a modern rustic feel, reflecting the natural beauty of stacked slate. With a 6 1/8” x 47 1/8” face, Stacked Stone is perfect for both small and large spaces.

Ridge Stone

The deep textures and irregular stones of Ridge Stone reflect the natural beauty of mountain stones. With a 12” x 47 1/4” face, Ridge Stone provides color and depth variation, perfect for both small and large applications.

Ledge Stone

The soft lines and smooth textures of Ledge Stone maintain a bold and lightly rugged feel. With a 6” x 47 1/8” face, Ledge Stone provides a subtly rustic look for any residential or commercial project.

Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 8.47.29 AM.png

Stucco panels offer you all the look, feel, and style of authentic acrylic stucco without the hassle, cost, or a difficult installation process. Each faux concrete Stucco panels have been formed from a real acrylic stucco mold and then has been primed so it is ready for install. Custom painted options are available.


These are the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to add stone to any post or pillar. Simply screw through these panels, which interlock with one another to hide any visible seams. Available for Stacked Stone, Ridge Stone, and Ledge Stone in varying post sizes.

Customer Projects
Color and depth variation, perfect for both small and large applications.
Commercial Opportunities

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Where to Buy

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